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In 2013 the first Universal Design Information and Research Center of Hungary was opened. The Center was established by a grassroot DPO in Budapest with the financial support of the Office of the State Secretary for Social, Ministry of Human Resources and with the support of other private stakeholders.

The Center is located in one of the Conference Venue and Event Centers of Budapest which serves also as a shopping center.

The aim of the Universal Design Centre is to give the possibility to meet the participants of different projects based on universal design (engineers, designers). It is a place where different trainings also could be organised.

The Center is not only a meeting room but serves also as a live office providing conditions for persons with disabilities. It is equipped with products and applications that meet the criteria of universal design. The design of the Center makes it possible for people with disabilities to get into it, to do work and training on equal basis with others.

Web page of the Universal Design Information and Research Center ( fully corresponds to the international standards, thus providing access for everybody. The web page introduces the concept of universal design, compiles guidelines and research works in this field.

Users’ test group:
The Center has created a users’ test group for examining the different kind of products and services. The group is composed of persons with different types and severity of disability. The goal is to help the designers to create well universally designed products and to prove equal chance for everybody.

The Center has signed a co-operation agreement with two universities: Budapest Technical University (Department of Psychology and Ergonomics) and Gustav Bárczi Faculty of Special Education. More co-operation agreements are underway.

Since December 2013 students of the Budapest Technical University have practical lessons in the Center. Future architects, product and transport engineers work together with the users’ group of the Center on different developments.

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